As well as a wide portfolio of apartments and houses across South West London, we also deliver over 55 luxury mature living with a portfolio of apartments that form part of established retirement complexes, providing on-site wardens, dedicated communal grounds and gardens, parking and open spaces to enjoy.

Communal lounges and kitchen areas for socialising with other residents, together with laundry and other services, make life for living and provide a friendly community of exclusivity and comfort.

Our mature living apartments are always located in premium locations in town centres across Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire, close to local amenities, hospitality and entertainment venues as well as railway and bus stations, allowing residents to commute to London and walk easily to all local amenities.

Each apartment features comprehensive security for residents, including intruder alarms and door camera entry, together with CCTV and secure parking.

The many advantages of over 55 luxury living

Increasingly popular, with significant benefits compared to owning your own home that include simplicity, freedom of responsibilities and the burdens of maintenance, flexibility and security to enjoy your hard-earned retirement pot, as well as helping family members and better planning inheritance tax.

Renting in retirement is a smart choice

Retirement properties can be expensive to buy and are notoriously difficult to sell, with their value declining year on year as service charges rise.

These substantial service charges and ground rents after buying your retirement property can be a real shock. At Holden Property Group we pay these service charges so you don’t have to.

Unfortunately, many people who are looking to sell their retirement property are often forced to accept an offer far below what they originally paid for their home, leaving them with hefty fees to pay to freeholders, on top of the usual property buying and selling costs.

Welcome to a much better way.  All of these costs are avoided through secure renting with Holden Property Group.

We always support and meet the aims and objectives of our customers, who drive everything we do.

Costs are always low and there are never any surprises

Unlike owning your home with all the unknowns that come with it, we ensure you have complete peace of mind so all of your main costs are covered within the rent.

These include service charges, ground rent, internal and external maintenance, gardening and landscaping, window cleaning, buildings insurance, water rates, parking (where applicable) and security.

Unlock your wealth to enjoy and help support your family members

Our resident clients tell us that being able to release equity in their main home to supplement retirement income, fund those special holidays, trips to the sun in the depths of the British winter, passing on tax efficient cash to children to help pay for home deposits or for grandchildren’s school fees, all mean greater flexibility and being able to plan, so that less money goes to the tax man.

Releasing equity from your main home ahead of time minimises future tax bills and potential residential care costs. It allows you to live the next chapter of your life exactly as you’d planned to do.

We always ensure we are cost effective and exceptionally good value for money

Our high quality apartments are always substantially less expensive than the rental options offered by the bigger operators like McCarthy & Stone, Birchgrove, Churchill and all the “institutional providers”.

We can achieve competitive rents because we are cost effective, do not have large and unwieldy management teams, have no external investors or shareholders or indeed, commercial bank debt.

We are therefore able to pass on the benefits of prudent and efficient management to you without sacrificing quality or service standards.

mature living retirement properties apartments holden property group
mature living retirement properties apartments holden property group
mature living retirement properties apartments holden property group

Living the best life, hassle and trouble free

There are no repairs, maintenance costs to deal with and no cowboy builders to have to navigate, as our on-site team are there to take care of the day-to-day running of the complex that our apartments are located in.

As a proactive team, we have a direct relationship with all our residents and are always at the end of the phone to help and support you. 

Trouble free flexible living

We are known to be flexible and supportive so should you wish to move on, be closer to family members or have changes in your life, it’s so much easier in one of our rented properties. 

You simply leave the property after the notice period ends. There are no long-term contracts that tie and bind you like others and no estate agents, legal fees, accountants or lawyers to be troubled with. Our clients love the affordability and flexibility we offer.

Your home is your home for as long as you want it, with us by your side

With peace of mind to stay in your apartment as long as you wish and the service excellence we provide, you can make yourself a home with your own treasured belongings, safe in the knowledge that we are your long-term landlords.

mature living retirement properties apartments holden property group
mature living retirement properties apartments holden property group
mature living retirement properties apartments holden property group